Why webcam porn chat is banned while traveling to Dogon country

Webcam is commonly known as video camera which captures image in real time to or through a computer or laptop. This device was introduced in 1991 by Cambridge University Computer Science Department which was first launched at Trojan Room Coffee pot. With the combination of ideas of expert professionals and intelligence skills from the students, they managed to develop this one of a kind device which still existed in our current decade. Webcam is widely used in many places for several purposes such as for Facebook Messenger, Skype and many more.


There are many benefits of webcam porn such as it could connects people from different countries through video skype, help those employers to run video interview with candidates who stay far from their region and get better networking with new people. Since the connection is through video, it makes people’s connection more realistic and effective as compared to normal chatting online.


However, the power of live webcam porn show has currently made many problems occur in several countries since it could lead to misuse of it. While travelling to Dogon country (known well as South Africa region), kindly ban the usage of the webcam. Why is that so? As we all know, travelling to these regions of country might expose us to high risk levels since their country has many economic and political issues. Hence, applying the webcam may increase the possibility of your identity to be hacked by several parties in those regions. For example, you are going to these countries for business purpose, the conversation between you and your clients could be identified which endanger life for both of you. Worst come to worst, your conversation is something that very confidential and it could be easily access by irresponsible parties. Moreover, it could be that they are targeting on you for several cases.


Besides, having the webcam do not really helps you in everything. You might get attacked if they are suspecting something suspicious in your conversation with your partner. By banning the usage, it maybe could help you to have safer trip.

In conclusion, whenever you are travelling, ban the usage of the webcam porn show as possible since you are not know who are watching and checking on you. Since we need to ensure that our family and friends are save and as well as our personal info, banning this technology for travelling is the best action after all.